Vasopressor Therapy

The goal of CPR is to artificially generate blood flow when the heart is no longer beating. Yet, the blood flow generated is only a fraction of the normal cardiac output, and often fails to increase the aortic pressure and the corresponding coronary blood flow at the levels required to attenuate myocardial ischemia and help reestablish cardiac activity.

Epinephrine is the currently recommended vasopressor agent for CPR and is given to increase the aortic blood pressure by promoting peripheral vasoconstriction. Epinephrine is very effective and can increase initial resuscitation by threefold. However, adverse effects on the myocardium and probably the cerebral circulation compromise ultimate survival with good neurological outcome.1,2

Studies at the Resuscitation Institute support strategies for more effective vasopressor therapy, including the use of NHE-1 inhibitors to attenuate the adverse myocardial effects of epinephrine3,4 and the use of alternative vasopressors agent without the adverse effect of epinephrine.5

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We are studying more effective vasopressor therapies for CPR.

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