Research Lab

Smart DAQ and Analysis

The Resuscitation Institute is the place where the preclinical research led by the RTx founder has been conducted over more than three decades. Along this journey, the Resuscitation Institute has developed extensive capabilities for cardiovascular research in various animal models. These capabilities include a robust data acquisition and analysis system developed by the user and for the user in the LabVIEW platform.

The system includes (1) a 16-channel real-time data display and storage, (2) programable automation of experimental recordings with inclusion of verbal cues, (3) programmable closed-loop routines to drive interventions responsive to physiological inputs, and (4) a highly interactive and customizable data analysis and reporting system. In addition, a thermodilution cardiac output measurement system for small animals was also developed using the LabVIEW platform.

RTx plans to further develop these programs to make them available to other investigators and provide technical support along with options for customization responsive to specific customers’ need.